Here’s how online stores can offer the right Black Friday bargains to the right visitors

Here’s how online stores can offer the right Black Friday bargains to the right visitors

How web shops and other B2C businesses that offer their products or services online can use the BehaviourExchange platform to customize their websites to each individual customer

In the US it’s an old ritual: On the Friday after Thanksgiving, you get in the car, head for the shopping center and make the credit cards glow. After all, Black Friday (this November 23rd) is the day when shops kick-start the holiday season with discount rates of 50% or more. Every year, this reliably ensures that there is a fierce competition for the few products left on the selves.

According to the website Black Friday Death Count, shopping on Black Friday can actually be dangerous. Seven people died and 98 were injured in Black Friday-related accidents from 2006 to 2014. Injuries occurred in stampedes and fights, many people have even fallen asleep while driving home from shopping due to lack of sleep.

No wonder that more and more shoppers no longer want to do this to themselves and prefer to stay at home to hunt for bargains from the comfort (and safety) of their couch.

Help your customers find the right bargain

No later than the Monday after Thanksgiving, on the so-called Cyber Monday (this November 26th), the online dealers call to discount battle. But usually, Black-Friday-discounts start already a week before the actual day.

In a world where users are constantly bombarded with content and ads that try to sell them something, only the messages with a personal touch will come through. To make sure your deals stand out from the seemingly unmanageable amount of other offers, as well as not to waste the precious milliseconds of attention a visitor spends assessing your website, you have to be smart about it.

The BehaviourExchange platform can recognize the profile of online visitors the moment they enter your website and adjust the content accordingly in real time. This means that you can show each individual visitor a uniquely personalized set of offers that match their personal characteristics, wishes, needs, and interests. This way customers are more likely to stumble upon a bargain they actually like instead of having to browse through the whole lot of irrelevant products before leaving the website frustrated. A good shopping experience for the customers and better sales results for the shop owner. In other words, a win-win solution.

With BehaviourExchange you will help you get to know your customers, optimize your marketing costs and get better results.

Visit the official website and find out how to boost your sales with BehaviourExchange!

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